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Welcome to J. M. ROLPH (HANDWOUND) PICKUPS and Rewinding Service.  We offer a line of modern and vintage guitar and bass pickups.  We're a custom shop for that special project or sound.

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Sound created using J. M. Rolph Pickups

There are those among us with very simple tastes.  They only want the best.

We can rewind almost any pickup.  Example:  Strat, Tele, J-Bass, P-Bass, any size conventional wound Humbucker, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, and many many more!

We do Magnet Charging:  North to South, Reverse Polarity (Very Popular), and other options.

We also do Reconstruction Work.  Our prices are reasonable !  Call for more information and pricing. 

We cannot list every pickup

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For pickups or rewinding, please call or e-mail us
859-448-9463 (WIND) or rewinder@zoomtown.com

fax 859-448-9463

Disclaimer:  STRAT, TELE, ETC., are Trademarks of FENDER Musical Instruments.  J. M. Rolph is not affiliated with FENDER.

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